Go International! Go for Gold! Go iPOP!

Go for GOLD!

For every Singer, Actor, Model or Dancer who can see themselves succeeding beyond their wildest dreams in their careers they will need to become a leader within themselves.

Gold Talent International Global Network is a Global Management Platform that is supported by the world’s premier superior Model and Talent Convention called iPOP! – where major arts and entertainment industry successes has been achieved year on year by our talented individuals and power-house models who have attended this major industry convention event. 


Incomparable iPOP!

iPOP! is an incomparable opportunity for young performers who have training and want to participate in a real-life experience and gain the opportunity in furthering their career as an actor, model, singer or dancer.


iPOP! is NOT a beauty contest, nor an event with competitions that are irrelevant to real-world situations. To enter the world of entertainment, performers continually face the ultimate test of being auditioned, interviewed and demonstrating their skills.


iPOP! participants are ALL seen by agents, managers and casting directors. Performers are scheduled with as little wait time as possible and experience this entrée to how the business works with the support of their Director and the entire iPOP! team.


iPOP! is designed to give young actors, models, singers and dancers the opportunity to perform for managers and agents who are truly in a position to launch careers. Managers and agents who come to scout and discover talent and models are often names in the business that these young performers wouldn’t be seen by if it weren’t for iPOP!


iPOP! recognizes the value of our training, and also recognizes that performers in the competitive world of entertainment continue the learning process through auditioning and performing. Our business has become increasingly competitive, and it is increasingly important that those who wish to work in fashion, film and television be given every aid to assure their success.

iPOP! provides a contemporary and positive approach to acting, modeling, singing and dancing. Every participant is respected for their courage, abilities and training.


iPOP! is an event that invites the media and top people in the business and is an international event that we can all be proud of being part of.


We’ve had tremendously positive feedback from many who attended this bi-annual extravaganza of talent. We look forward to working together and having a magnificent Awards Night Celebration of Success Showcase at iPOP! held in Los Angeles!

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