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Is your Destiny to be a success-filled performer or top model in the world of film, fashion and entertainment?

During an AUDITION, anything is possible!

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Grow from Good to GOLD!

FACT: It only takes a professional agent or industry talent manager 10 seconds to decide if they will choose to work with you!  Use your audition time wisely!  Every Performer’s success begins with ensuring their basic foundation is on par with international requirements, so that they are ready to move into the industry. Preparation for success is key. Any model and/or performers personality and talent must be complemented with proper appearance, image and a passionate approach.  Our pre-audition information that is provided to all applicants gets them on the right foot, and in a positive frame-of-mind.

The correct Head-shots, marketing materials and well-executed training techniques assist to ensure a more confident and successful actor, singer, model, or dancer.

These aspects are all strengthened by working with relevant leaders and professionals in the arts & entertainment industry.

All it takes is 1 second to decide that you want to achieve success and then only 1 minute to showcase your TALENT with our LEADING TALENT Directors!

Get YOURSELF eligible to register to participate at iPOP! in Hollywood, LA, USA. You are invited and encouraged to show us your talent through our excitingONLINE Audition process. 

This unique Talent platform provides each performer with a unique opportunity to highlight and showcase their talent in an industry relevant, professional manner. 

Our company works with young children aged SIX years up to the more mature performer. Our oldest performer has been in her 50’s!

Anyone with that Big Dream who is interested in being discovered and is committed to building an international career is welcome to apply!

Any ONE performer must register for a minimum of any TWO CATEGORIES OF PERFORMANCE!  Triple Threats are warmly invited to compete! 

For initial audition purposes,each performer is required to prepare Performances in any TWO choices of the following categories for our online audition process…



ONE x 1 Minute self-sourced Monologue in either appropriate comedic or dramatic tone needs to be presented. Do not use any music or props.



ONE x 1 Minute original dance piece. Dancers should be properly trained in Tap, Jazz, or Hip Hop genres of performance, a maximum of 1 minute in length. Background music is suggested for the audition requirement.



ONE x 1 Minute song to be presented: Singers should prepare and perform songs either in Pop (Contemporary), Broadway (Music Theatre), or Rock genres with either a backtrack (do not use the original song!) or a capella singing style.



Models (all types) will need to provide appropriate evidence of their ability to walk properly and dress in a proper fashionable manner, as well as know how to hold several professional poses. Information is provided via email after registration.



1. Go to our FAQ page for more detailed information about our platform and specific audition requirements for evaluation – also FULL AUDITION REQUIREMENT information is provide via email after registration.

There is no cost to enter and audition via our online live audition platform


2… Gold Talent International also hosts One-on-One LIVE Auditions in various cities in the countries that we work in. The dates, areas and cities (venues) are added to our social media pages with specific links for performers/models to register on. 

If you wish to find our more please email us!