Are You A Singer, Actor, Dancer or Model?

Is your Destiny to be a successful performer or top model in the world of film, fashion and entertainment? 

Are you ready to Step UP and build your Dream to be a successful, happy and working performer or model?

Are YOU ready to do it in a premier way?

When you have a Dream this BIG, then here’s the chance to turn it into a firm PLAN in the  Biggest and Best way possible!


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We bring your passion to life

and turn your Goals in a firm successful plan! We Discover Stars and Create Careers!’s said that it takes a village, folks….

To be a successful, CONSISTENTLY working professional performer you need a “village” – aka a support system that lifts you up AND gives you expert career guidance on an ongoing basis……so you can get to the next level in your career, over and over and over again….

Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

… you need to build your success!

Well, to do that …..

You NEED to have TWO processes successfully in place  – that is, if you want to succeed as a performer or model in the industry, you need to be able to

fast-track your entry into the industry –  without a struggle.

1. Support : Qualified Industry Expertise


Support from people in the industry who have qualified EXPERTISE to guide you toward success — whether that’s helping you nail your auditions, attract a great agent, grow your brand, build your confidence, etc – professionals who are well-connected, internationally networked and know the in’s and out’s of the process.

2. Support: Uplifting Peers


Support from uplifting peers and professionals in the industry – not those that just want to complain, commiserate about the struggle of achievement and bring you down or say you’ll never do it! – rather be around people who are already doing it and know what success means.

Q: Are YOU ready for a huge International Career?

As a globally connected talent and model Management organization,

Gold Talent International is well linked to some of the biggest performing arts names and companies in the industry!

Hollywood is Waiting  for You!

Are you ready to rise up, meet your Destiny and build your Future to
  create a successful career in the Arts & Entertainment Industry?
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Commit to registering for iPOP! -come show us your talent at one of our exciting talent evaluation events and confirm your Date with your Destiny! Your Dreams, Ambitions and opportunities just became one with reality!  We can fast-track your entry when YOU are ready to do the work!

You – as a performer and/or model, need to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared to successfully pass our national talent performance evaluation program and receive our personal invitation to fly with us to downtown Hollywood, Los Angeles to participate in the World’s premier, superior Talent Convention event!

This industry requires talent, hard-work and determination! If you’re ready we’ll personally invite you!

So ….  are you ready to take your burning passion to a whole new NEXT LEVEL that you Dream of achieving?

Are YOU ready to turn your Dream into a firm Reality!

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