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Most people want to live life on their terms – but the real question is:


“What does it take for someone to create success in their lives”?


We believe that it’s allowing individuals to develop the unshakeable knowing within themselves that they are the master of their destiny.  

When an individual learns to believe and understand that they can be a leader within themselves (and their communities), then each person is empowered to take authority and stewardship in their lives as it creates a platform that allows us to build and express our developing values.  

For every Singer, Actor, Model or Dancer who can see themselves succeeding beyond their wildest dreams in their careers they will need to become a leader within themselves.


Go for Gold! 

Gold Talent International Global Network is a Global Management Platform that is supported by the world’s premier superior Model and Talent Convention called iPOP! – where major arts and entertainment industry successes has been achieved year on year by our talented individuals and power-house models who have attended this major industry convention event. We KNOW what we are looking for!

Be. Do. Have.

We pre-evaluate every individual’s level of talent and performance ability before accepting them for iPOP!, and we work towards ensuring that what matters most is who they are being in this moment, where they want to go and what are they doing right now in order to make their goals happen.

Their background and past is irrelevant to what they want to achieve, if they truly wish to achieve it. Quite simply, when someone wishes to enter the industry and carve out a successful career in their own life, then all that is needed is for that person to become a leader in their own right and learn that they have the ability to succeed in the industry. They need to be able to stand up and realize that working with the very best of the best takes great passion, enthusiasm and effort.


Immersing yourself in industry relevant educational experiences are of paramount importance when looking towards building a career in the industry. Gold Talent International Global Network facilitate regular 3-DAY Seminars and Workshops in many countries.


The following link provides an introduction to the seminars and includes an overview of content (NB: All course content is currently provided in English language at this time)


The Inside Out Approach…

We believe transformation takes place from the inside out. 

Attending iPOP! enables individuals to continue their journey of self-discovery and awareness, whilst going deeper into every participant’s personal experiences which then takes them to ultimately rise to their unique strengths.

Carving a path to success takes continued self-education and seeking opportunities to grow one’s leadership. It is imperative that each performer, model or talented individual strives for continued growth that will make them unique in the marketplace.

Gold Talent Board Logo

We look toward the long-term success goals, skill viability and growth potential that any performer, model and talented person brings to our evaluation event!  Our vision of each person who registers and works towards attending iPOP! is elevated and life-changing in its nature.


We WANT you to succeed, we believe in YOU, our desire for your success rides above everything else. We WORK with YOU towards creating an industry leader.


This is why we evaluate all talent before we provide them with a personal invitation to attend iPOP!  We ensure that YOU, as a model or performer, are ready for the bigger world and want that huge international level of success that participating @ iPOP! with us will bring to your door.


Working with our Directors and industry professionals is not about simply flying off to the USA to perform or “compete” – we consider that a simple “by-product” that anyone can attain if they so desire.  Anyone can do that!

We would rather create, build and work with an individual on a much deeper level. At Gold Talent International, our goal and desire is not to work with just ‘anyone’!  Every person is unique and deserves that golden respect of who they are!

It’s Time to walk that well-earned RED CARPET moment!

” what you are capable of doing; MOTIVATION..determines what you do; ATTITUDE..determines how well you do it!”

– Come Sing!

” Practice… like you have never won, … Perform…like you have never lost!”

– Come Model!

‘Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation’

– Come Act!

“Dance, its an art, paint your dream, and follow it”

– Come Dance!

Our Directors


Nico Goosen

– Regional Member Director for The International Presentation of Performers (iPOP) Convention


Paul Kershaw

– Regional Member Director for The International Presentation of Performers (iPOP) Convention


Go Big, or Stay small! Go for Gold! This is Us!


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It is here! It is happening – the most incredible career opportunities for you are available and have already been launched for many others before you. We have achieved many phenomenal international success stories! – the most incredible career opportunities for you are here for YOU!.

Chat to us about the amazing international career success stories we have achieved so far!

Gold Talent International was established on the core values of integrity, respect and performance excellence.  We offer our talent and models the best possible advice and service made possible through our exciting international connections and network of industry partners committed to maintaining, growing & building the Industry in a professional yet personal manner.

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