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Your future in the Performing Arts doesn’t have to remain just a dream. As a globally networked international talent and modelling platform, we launch successful careers in theater, film, television and fashion. Our platform builds and creates opportunities in the industry for talented people who don’t just wait for life to happen — it’s for those who are ready to create their own career path. We transform the way that you think about the Arts in the 21st century.

We owe it to ourselves to become everything we’ve ever dreamed of being! Are you ready to step forward and build your dream to be a successful, happy and working performer or model?
In order to achieve great success in the industry – we need to be more than just our talent.We need to understand the industry too. We need to learn what it requires to achieve success.
From the moment you arrive until the day you perform at our international showcase, Gold Talent trains you to open doors and work towards becoming a performer and/or model who is ready to work in today’s extremely competitive industry.
After passing through our stringent audition process you’ll receive world-class information, one-on-one guidance and participate in skill-building online classes while working towards traveling to the living, exciting and inspiring beating heart of the world’s entertainment capital: Los Angeles.
To Grow from Good into Gold, you really need to work at the highest level.  Our online training programs immerse you into an inspirational pursuit of excellence and provide you with the necessary life-transforming knowledge and a skill set that will last you a lifetime.
Isn’t it time you turned your Dream into a proper and achievable plan?
We Discover Stars and Create Careers by bringing your passion to life –  and turning your Goals into a firm success-filled plan!

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As a globally connected Talent and Model Management organization, Gold Talent International is networked with some of the biggest performing Arts leaders, decision makers and movers and shakers in the industry! Are YOU Ready to work towards achieving an exciting International Career? Hollywood is waiting for YOU!

GROW from Good to GOLD!

Our Gold Talent Global Network is an internationally recognized platform that creates interest and positive response from many major talent management agencies, fashion designers, studio heads, music publishers and more through our registered membership with iPOP! 
iPOP! is dedicated to promoting talent who are commercially marketable: actors, singers, dancers, and models who are ready for representation. Attendance at iPOP! is an extraordinary opportunity that brings today’s best agents, managers and leaders in the music and fashion world to see new faces and talent who have been trained and prepared to perform by our professional team members.
iPOP! = The International Presentation of Performers.


Here’s your once in a lifetime CHANCE to Turn your

Dream into a firm PLAN in the biggest, best way possible!  

This is YOUR Date with Destiny! TAKE IT!


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