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What Is Your Career Strategy?
Perhaps as a parent, you are trying to find out what you should or could be doing next in the quest to have your young child successfully enter into the world of professional performing arts? What choices you need to make at this present moment? Let’s discuss this some more!
Equip Yourself to Succeed
Lets discuss the 5 ways on how to win at each audition, even if you don't get the part!
How to get an Agent Easily
Lets discuss the 5 ways on how to win at each audition, even if you don't get the part!
Why do you keep getting rejected?
Lets discuss the 5 ways on how to win at each audition, even if you don't get the part!
5 ways to win an Audition!
Lets discuss the 5 ways on how to win at each audition, even if you don't get the part!
What do we look for in Talent?
People often ask us what it is that we look for in the talent that we discover and grow? There are multiple actors that are involved in each audition we facilitate.
Advice for the Aspiring Performer
Do you want to enter the Arts and Entertainment Industry? Are you inexperienced and just starting out and unsure of your next step? Our mini- workshop, hosted by Vocal Coach and Professional Performer Nico, will provide you with some insight as to what to expect and how to handle the sudden pressure of having to start the journey in an easier and more adaptable way!
7 Skills every Model or Performer Needs
Getting into the Arts & Entertainment Industry is challenging! In this new mini class, Paul shares about the SEVEN great skills every performer or model should develop and enhance in their careers, which will give anyone the upper-hand in the industry!
Introduction to Performing Arts
In this Gold Talent International Mini Class, Nico details what the Performing Arts is all about and what 7 unique skills are required in order to advance into the inspiring world of Arts & Entertainment.
Why Being Mindful and Intentional Are Important In Voice Training
Very often, singers wonder why they aren’t progressing at the pace that they’re expecting or hoping to. They find themselves treading water, so to speak, stuck with the same technical limitations and problems that they’ve been stuck with for months or maybe even years. It’s frustrating and discouraging, to say the least.
10 Job Skills You Can Learn From Acting
Few actors are lucky enough to support themselves solely by acting. Whether it’s a day job or a new career, your acting skills and training will help you become successful in any profession. Here are 10 job-related skills the craft can teach you.
Breath Management
The purposes of ‘supporting the voice’ are to exercise control over the amount of air being expelled from the lungs during singing tasks and to maintain a steady flow of air (and thus create a steady singing tone).
Good Posture for Breathing
The singer should achieve a ‘lateral’ expansion around your epigastric region – the area between the navel and the sternum. This also includes the lower ribs at the sides and, to some extent, the back.
How Performers Can Maintain Physical Health During COVID
As actors, performers, or crew members out of work, you likely went from fairly physically-demanding work to being stuck at home. Everyone handled that differently. Some people leaned-into their pre-quarantine routine and not much changed other than perhaps the location of their activity
Common Breathing Technique Mistakes
Most singers inhale as deeply and as fully as they possibly can as they prepare to sing each line of their songs or their vocal exercises, often in an attempt to avoid running out of air before the end of their vocal tasks.