How to get over Audition Nerves

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In the sitting area….. waiting your turn to go in for the big audition, your mind racing, hands sweating, obsessively reading over our sides, hoping and praying that we don’t totally mess it up, pass out, get bad feedback, get dropped by our agents, and give up on the business. We have all been there! No? Maybe just me?

Here’s the thing. Everyone gets nervous. Even experienced actors get nervous. Let’s face it: auditioning is inherently awkward, but it’s all about how you handle nerves that allows you to deliver a good audition or Fail.

Here are some techniques I can recommend that I use for myself and with all our students and Artists, to get relaxed before an audition.


1. Make an audition playlist. Put 10 – 20 songs on your phone that make you feel calm and relaxed. Listen to them from the moment you step out your door until the moment they call your name. Stay focused—avoid email, Instagram, facebook and other social media. Allow the music to simply quiet the mind and help you to relax.


2. Take 10 slow but deep breaths. It’s not weird. Just close your eyes, for four seconds each: inhale, hold, and exhale. With every inhale, repeat “relax” to yourself in your mind (or out loud, if you want to be weird). When you exhale, imagine all the stress leaving your body. If people think you are crazy, good! Let them be intimidated.


3. Be prepared. Memorize your lines so well, in so many different ways, that they become second nature to you. It is called muscle memory, just like practicing a routine in dance. Practice with a friend or with an app (my favourite is “Rehearsal 2”). You don’t want the audition to be the first time you hear the words out loud.


4. Visualize the audition. This one works wonders for people. After rehearsing with focus practice the scene many times, close your eyes and visualize the audition from start to finish. Imagine walking in the door, fully prepared, slating your name, and then disappearing into the scene, completely forgetting about the fact that it’s an audition. Then imagine walking away and feeling great about it. This can be a powerful tool if used effectively.


5. Walk in with confidence. You are an Artist right? Act/Sing like a confident person. It’s all about body language. Hold your head high, make eye contact, bring your shoulders back, and act/sing like you already have the job. Even if you are nervous, you will make the casting director feel comfortable, and your nerves will dissolve.


6. Simply listen. A lot of artists forget this. In the audition room it’s your job to fully immerse yourself in the scene and really listen as if you are hearing the words for the first time. In your mind, you should be thinking “What did that character just say to me? What is the message I am bringing to the stage? How do I feel about that?” instead of “God, I hope I don’t mess up. Did I put enough pomade in my hair?”

You can only DO your best, take direction, listen and do well in an audition if you are able to manage your nerves so you can feel comfortable, relaxed and do what comes effortlessly.


You are Amazing and Have what it takes to make a great 1st Impression! Go out and Rock it!

until Next Time!

Gold Talent International Global Network Team