What Commercial Modeling Casting Directors Look for During a Go-See

Grayscale Photography of Five People Walking on Road


During a commercial modeling job, you’ll be taking still photos for ads in media like magazines, billboards, websites, and newspapers. Unlike fashion modeling, all sizes, ages, and types are needed for commercial gigs.


But what exactly are casting directors seeking in talent? 

Casting directors like seeing that models can take direction and show the looks requested too. Similar to acting auditions, sometimes a casting director will give additional information to help you give the needed look and expression. If the go-see is for a pharmaceutical campaign, for example, the “patient” will need to know what type of look is needed and this is where acting skills can be essential. Show the casting director that you have the ability to take direction and give a variety of emotions. This will give them more confidence in recommending you as the right person for the job.

While at a go-see, don’t try to get into long personal conversations with the casting director either. They’re very busy and need to see many models. Don’t ever begin discussing personal issues, frustrations, or anything negative in your life if the casting director asks how you are. Just say that everything is great and how happy you are at getting a chance to “play” at the go-see. A positive and professional attitude is what the CD is looking for.

Ultimately, remember to have a great time and enjoy yourself. It’s that spirit the casting directors want to see from models during a go-see. If you can keep all of this in mind, you’ll be just the type of person the CDs want to recommend for the job and bring back for future castings.

Credit: Article Sourced on Backstage Magazine (Aaron Marcus- an author and former actor)