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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Gold Talent and what you can expect at one of our Talent Evaluation platforms or programs.

If you have any other queries or concerns (not mentioned below), please feel free to contact us on our centralized WhatsApp number : +27(0)76 379 8555 (ZA)

Is iPOP! a scam?


There are only a few posts found on the internet that claim that iPOP! is a scam. The majority of these posts may be from people who never actually attended the convention or were not able to pass the initial audition process and therefore may have no actual idea or experience of what iPOP actually offers, or were not sufficiently prepared for the week at iPOP!.


We suggest that if you have the same question then you look far deeper into the iPOP! experience and visit our facebook pages and feel free to send messages or questions to anyone who has been a part of the amazing iPOP! Journey.


We also suggest that you do not allow negative people to affect your own potential! This industry is only for people who are driven, desire success and will not give up at a moments notice. It is imperative that each performer/ model who is attending iPOP! with us experience our training and educational modules, so that they are fully prepared and understand the industry and it’s requirements. Do NOT allow naysayers to influence your opinions. Our contact details are shown on all online media and we are available to discuss any matters or concerns you may have in this regard. Our Success stories speak for themselves. 


We are official Regional Director Members for iPOP! Los Angeles, and our website carries the iPOP! Authorisation LOGO which means that anyone is more than welcome to contact the iPOP! offices directly to verify our representation.


How can I register?

Visit the “Register Now” page and choose your desired region/country.

If there is no online talent audition platform checkbox available for your country yet, then click on ‘Other’ when registering, list the name of your country and the city you live in, complete the Registration Form and press ‘Submit’. Our offices will respond accordingly. We could also refer you to an associate member in your region.


What can I expect from Gold Talent International?

Gold Talent is at the forefront of the Arts & Entertainment Industry as a Global Talent Management platform.

It has always been our desire to instill a high level of training in the Performing Arts industry and to allow those that have an incredible gift of talent, to be offered a solid, safe launch into this world of the Arts & Entertainment Industry Rising Star potential.

You can expect to be treated fairly at our AUDITION events and to receive assistance and guidance as you navigate your way towards entering the industry with us and our team.


What ages are accepted?

We ignite passion in young actors, singers, dancers and models, substantiate their deepest dreams, bring focus and direction, encourage, educate, inspire, excite, and explore potential, while instilling good work ethics and teach the importance of honorable conduct.

We work in with the following age groups which are placed into relevant categories of performance:

1. Ages 4-12  (Division 3M/ 3F)

2. Ages 13-17  (Division 2M/ 2F)

3. Ages 18 or over (Division 1M/ 1F)

Anyone can choose up to FOUR categories to compete in! The Industry prefers performers and models who are multi-talented so we will always encourage participation in triple or quadruple threat categories.


What performance genres can you choose from?

Gold Talent International offers a great variety of performance opportunities, all designed to ensure that you are able to present yourself to our international talent agents in the best way possible. After you enroll online, further details and performance requirements will be emailed to you in easy-read format.

We accept entrants from as young as 4 years of age right up to the mature performer. We want you to also include your Family for a fascinating and exciting time of performance & fun, and receive open, honest feedback from Industry professionals who have your best-interests at heart.

Sing – IN ANY of the following genres: Pop: Pop or Rock Broadway: Jazz/Musical Theater Contemporary: Ballad/Folk

Dance – IN ANY of the following genres: Tap /Ballet Contemporary: Freestyle/Hip Hop Broadway: Jazz/Musical Theater

Act– IN ANY of the following genres: Monologue: Dramatic/ Creative or Theatrical Scene Monologue from Film/Stage/Theater

Model – IN ANY of the following ways: For both Female & Male: Creative Runway/High Fashion Runway Curvaceous/Plus Size

What are Triple-Threat performers?

Why do I need to be able to perform in more than one genre or category of performance?

We need to ensure that every potential is achieved during the International Showcase experience.

Triple Threat Performers achieve far more than those who have entered just one category of performance. We will always encourage growth, and can see the potential in every performer/model we choose to work with.

Also, we honor you and your family (and everyone else) that it takes to get you to iPOP! Why would we only allow anyone to travel all the way to iPOP! just to participate in one category of performance? Go the WHOLE WAY! DO NOT MISS A BEAT!


You may only see yourself as a Model or a Singer, but you can learn how to deliver a short dramatic monologue too, or you could learn to pull some great dance moves!  Be a PERFORMER AND AN ARTISTE and take full benefit from being in front of all those agents, who come from all sections of the industry and do NOT limit yourself in any way!


Furthermore, our iPOP! travel package will allow any one person the opportunity to get on stage up to 14 times during the iPOP! convention. DO NOT WASTE any single opportunity:  let’s get the attention of every single industry agent that we can – more opportunity, more potential, more success. Get INTO the industry and grow from that point is our vision! This is why our talent evaluation process is so stringent – we want YOU to succeed!


Your Directors will guide you, and assist you in this process, as they know what needs to be done in order to achieve success – they are your doorway to success and can take you to where you DREAM to be. Are YOU ready to live your Dream and turn it into a reality? International SUCCESS is possible!


What are the performance requirements?

All information and/or online video links are emailed to all performers before their auditions are scheduled. For brief information, here are the performance requirements for each genre:

 Singers: Must have 1 Song ready for our professional evaluation – in either Pop, Rock or Jazz/Broadway genres. Each song should be cut to a maximum of 1 minute. You should have instrumental versions of your songs to sing to or it can be presented as an a capella version.  Performance skills, vocal range  and stage presence are evaluated.

Actors: Must prepare 1 x MAXIMUM 60 second monologue that is age-appropriate. Actors are to source their own monologue in either a comedic or dramatic performance. Facial expressions, voice diction and overall acting ability are evaluated during this process.

Dancers: Must prepare a 1 x one minute original dance piece which should be video-taped before the audition happens. Dancers should have received some formal training in Tap, Jazz, Ballet or Hip Hop. Each Dancer will need to self-tape a maximum of a one minute versions of their choreographed dance piece to allow our Directors to properly evaluate. Performance skills, stage presence, technique and commercial appeal are evaluated.

Models: Need to provide a self-tape showing their ability to walk professionally as well as being able to hold a few proper poses.  If the models have their own composite card featuring 4-5 great shots, this can be submitted via email at the same time as the video is given. These shots should show diversity and at least 3 different looks. These pictures need to be professionally taken and should vary from close up to full body shots. A link to a downloadable pdf class about Industry relevant Head-shots is available on this website too.

What is Gold Talent’s main purpose in hosting this talent platform??

Our goal is always to offer the ultimate level of exposure of Rising Star Talent to not only participate in our global talent evaluation and educational performance and strategy platforms but always to provide them the unique opportunity of traveling to LOS ANGELES (LAX) with our Regional Directors to participate and compete at iPOP! – the world’s premier, superior model and talent convention!

This convention requires that only those who have received some training and who wish to build a career in the arts & entertainment industry participate!

Each of our online Talent Audition and Performance Evaluation programs are hosted by our regional Directors who have many years of industry experience between them and are well-networked. The performance ability and evaluation process require that each participant pass our stringent tests which include not only one’s skill level: it will also require one to be able to have fun, and to enjoy performing. We look at confidence levels, ambition, drive, interaction ability, as well a commitment and dedication to their craft.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept every performer as our evaluation platform is run to strict guidelines. This is in place to ensure that the participant has the best chance to succeed and be given call-backs, be able to interact properly with industry professionals and are ready to move into the exciting, yet difficult, industry.

Mediocrity in the world of arts and entertainment is not acceptable, simply because it will not succeed – and we expect one to be able to always deliver the very best.

This is why we use the #dontmessitup hashtag as one of our basic tools!

What happens AFTER the Talent evaluation/audition process?

CONGRATULATIONS if you made the cut and were selected to audition! Due to our stringent standards and requirements we will only accept some of the performers who register – and so, not every performer will receive our call-back!

If you are then accepted after your online talent evaluation, audition and your information has been successfully submitted and evaluated, you will receive a request to participate in an online call-back ZOOM meeting with our Directors. This will provide you with one-on-one audition and meeting time with them, and you could possibly be offered a personal invitation to attend iPOP!

Should you accept that invitation then a specially prepared and participation package will be made available to you – this contains all the details and registration links you will require, including course, personal development programs, guidance and the costs of attending iPOP including your hotel accommodation details.

All Q&A’s are answered during the call-back period, which is held openly and in a transparent manner – this provides you with a good opportunity to discuss your on-going dreams, ambitions and desires of how you would like to get into the industry!

Do you need a VISA to enter USA?

All travelers entering the United States from all other countries need a passport upon arrival (regardless of their country of citizenship). Permanent residents and foreign nationals may also need a U.S. visa.

You must apply for a visa before you start your trip. Some passports only require a Visa waiver which is obtained online. Our team provides support and guidance during this process, which can vary from country to country.

Check here on this link for information if you require to apply for a USA Entry VISA:  https://www.usa.gov/visas#item-213289 

Are flight costs to Los Angeles (LAX) included in the Travel Package?

Whilst we would love to provide you with a comprehensive package including the cost of the flights to/from Los Angeles, logistics simply do not always allow us to travel as a group. Flight costs vary widely depending on origin of flight, dates of flights, and booking dates.

NB: The cheapest flights often hide problems and we highly recommend certain airlines which are known for their service, reliability and competitive pricing.

During your pre-iPOP! training modules, we will provide you with a list of several reliable websites that will give you great pricing on flights and at the same time, we will share with you our personal experiences of certain airlines that you should avoid taking, if you wish to get the iPOP! convention on time.

If you experience any airline delays during the course of your travels to Los Angeles, DO NOT WORRY! –   our travel package that we will present to you includes additional days before and after our international showcase which will act as a safety net and ensure you arrive on time.

Again speak to your Directors who have only your best interest at heart!

Why do we need to stay in certain hotels in LA?

iPOP! is a International Showcase and Talent Convention that brings in talented individuals and their families from many countries around the world. First of all, each participant needs to be close to their Regional Director who will be staying at the convention hotel.

There are daily morning meetings held with your director, and it is imperative that each participant be fully represented.

Secondly, Los Angeles is a massive city and for first timers there may be a lot to learn, so safety and security is of utmost importance. We ensure that being in the same environment allows us to stay together as a performing arts family for the duration of the convention.

Lastly, the big question is, do you recognize the enormity of the industry and the red carpet experience that iPOP! provides for every participant? We do NOT believe in lowering our standards nor provide anything less than the very best for our chosen models and performers, and we expect our family of performers to rise to the occasion and live in their highest potential at all times.

They are simply worthy of it! #growfromgoodtogold is our motto! We do not do less than the very best.


Join Us For The Very Best RED CARPET Event of The Year! 


NB: All participants taking part in our platform are provided with personal links to our online video training modules.

The cost of this training is part of an all-inclusive aspect of the travel package and participation at our international showcase, iPOP!

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