It’s YOUR Turn! Are YOU Ready to work towards achieving an

international Career in the exciting Arts & Entertainment Industry? 


After passing through our stringent audition process you’ll receive world-class information, one-on-one guidance and participate in skill-building personal development online classes while working towards traveling to the living, exciting and inspiring beating heart of the world’s entertainment capital: Los Angeles!

Why would you ‘chance’ it, when you can create it, step by successful step?! 

Our globally networked platform provides a dynamic interactive online Personal Development Course as a standard

module in our training strategy for each model and/or performer that we choose to work with.  



We Discover Stars and Create Careers!

Go for Gold! 

Gold Talent International Global Network is a Global Management & Artist Development Platform that offers a Four Step Strategy to Success including participation at our premier Model &Talent Showcase held in Los Angeles, USA! 

Major arts and entertainment industry success has been achieved year on year by talented individuals and power-house models who have attended this major industry convention event

 It’s YOUR Turn!

Our unique performing arts industry aligned Personal Development Course  forms just one part of our unique FOUR STEPS TO SUCCESS STRATEGY that takes one from an industry unknown into a recognizable, brand-able and marketable performer and/or model within a short space of time.



It’s Time to walk that well-earned RED CARPET moment!

Welcome to Gold Talent International’s FOUR STEP STRATEGY TO SUCCESS

International Artist Development Program

Take the Step towards SUCCESS and Register to AUDITION ONLINE with our Team!

We work with young talent from the age of 4 Years up to the more mature performer of 60 years!




When registering : Note there are Three divisions for Performers/Models over all categories. 


DIVISION 3                                AGES 4 – 12                      Female (3F)           Male (3M)


DIVISION 2                                AGES 13 – 17                   Female (2F)           Male (2M)


DIVISION 1                                AGES 18+                          Female (1F)           Male (1M)


” what you are capable of doing; MOTIVATION..determines what you do; ATTITUDE..determines how well you do it!”

– Come Sing!

” Practice… like you have never won, … Perform…like you have never lost!”

– Come Model!

‘Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation’

– Come Act!

“Dance, its an art, paint your dream, and follow it”

– Come Dance!