OUR mission & Values

Gold Talent International is a dynamic family orientated company that builds Success through Vision, Effort, Respect & a Strongly Motivated Outlook.
strong Work ethic
ATTRACT new talent by building a culture that prioritize well-being, personal growth and which values human development and ability.

CREATE an inclusive and equitable platform that offers flexibility and expanded vision.

IMPLEMENT a family based oriented approach that leads to a more engaged and productive performance skills-set.

We provide opportunities for young talent to enter and work in the Performing Arts, Film, Television, Music and Fashion industries. Our company regards talent as a true gift that must be nurtured and shared with the rest of the world whilst recognizing that every Big DREAM has the potential to be realized.


Our inherent goal is to discover, build and promote new talent. Our goal is to always be able to provide an environment that is not only safe but also productive for both the talent and their family environment.

We ensure that our business and audition environments are free of prejudice, disrespect, and discrimination, and we fully embrace everyone's right to celebrate individual differences.

Our TOP PRIORITY in everything we offer to those who audition with us, is to ensure that each talent and their families feels valued and respected; from team members of our company to the international agents at our international showcase in the United States.

We believe that there is a place in our industry for everyone, but more importantly, for those who demonstrate that they are ready, we work hard to ensure that each individual flourishes, develops, and grows to their full potential.

It is our greatest hope and dream that no matter who you are, where you come from, who you love, or what you believe in... that you will feel welcomed, accepted, and loved here at Gold Talent International regardless of your age, race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, or belief system!
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SINCE 2005

OUR DEDICATED TEAM is here to find out of you are ready!

The entire Gold Talent International Team is dedicated to carrying out our mission, vision, and all-inclusive stance with friendly professionalism throughout our entire program. Our work, content, and platform have been prepared through a combined process of rigorous preparation, professional skills, direction, education, and motivation by our team, associate members, and participants.
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