Gold Talent Golden Journey into the Arts : Our Artists achieve iPOP Success!

Lets Hear from our Participants

Xondile : December 2019

“Great team , very passionate about growing, grooming and unleashing more than just the potential of an artist. If you want your dreams to be a reality GOLD TALENT is the ticket”

Erin : December 2019

Erin is working now to signing with a major LA Talent manager and looking forward to attending a USA Performing Arts Academy next year to develop her talent and skill-set!  This is one get up and go person who won’t stop until she’s achieved success.

Neo : December 2020

Gold Talent Comment: Neo- Entle has signed with a major LA Manager and is going back LA in September 2020 (travel permitting) to take part in a Dance movie to be filmed there! Huge success for this young man!

Neo’s Sister says: Gold Talent Performing Arts International gave my family full Industry exposure in one platform. The preparation and the support system they give to competitors is amazing. One time with them to IPOP! opens so many doors. My family is so grateful for the opportunities created in LA through them. God bless you.

Mischa : July 2019

Attending iPOP! was one of the most wholesome and positive experiences I’ve had, thanks to Gold Talent International!

I didn’t think that, at 19 years old, I’d be able to work with so many amazing people. In those 5 days I grew so much as an artist and on a personal level. I met many people from around the world who share the same dreams that I do. I would gladly do this over again. I would recommend this to anyone who have a dream…I gave it my all and I’m happy with the outcome I received. This is definitely the most fun I’ve had and I hope I can do it again soon.

Thank you iPOP and Thank you Gold Talent International.

Thatohatsi : July 2019

Thatohatsi has signed with a major LA talent manager! (see her video in our gallery page!)

She says: I’m Thatohatsi, and I’m 19 years old from South Africa. My experience with both Gold Talent International and iPOP! were amazing. Gold Talent has instilled values in me that I honestly feel like I would not have learned from any other talent agency. They taught me trust my crafts of modeling, singing and acting. They taught me to be versatile, to try out more things. My experience at IPOP is one that I’ll never forget. I’ve learned new things and met new people… EVEN famous people that I’ve never thought I would meet. Meeting agents whom I’ve never dreamed that they would want to work with me was such an overwhelming feeling. IPOP as a whole has also taught me quite a lot. They taught me to believe in myself and to never give up. If you think iPoP is a scam…Think again. I was there I experience it all. If you have the opportunity, don’t let it pass you – Go for it! Never Give Up! Thank you Gold Talent International and IPOP!

Ashleigh : July 2018

** Gold Talent Comment:

Ashleigh attended iPOP! in July 2018, and in January 2020, she has recorded her demo singles and music video in Los Angeles and is starting to work on an international level, with a great manager. She is also developing her modelling career too. A Bright Star coming through into the industry!

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